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Manao Software is a custom software development outsourcing company located in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

We are a modern Agile company that likes to work smarter, not harder, for our clients. Instead of being yet another outsourced code factory, we focus on empowering our programmers. Instead of mindlessly churning out code, you can expect bright individuals with each their own personality contributing in each their own way. Sparking off ideas, striking up discussions, raising the red flag when there is a problem, these are all traits you can expect and rely on when you hire us for a job. No more "smiling and nodding" to cover over uncertainty or confusion. 

As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner we specialize in creating web applications on the Microsoft ASP.NET platform, using the latest industry standard tools, frameworks, and technologies.

We also design company websites for anything from SMEs to huge multinationals, using Umbraco CMS, the world's most user friendly and flexible CMS (you'll love it).

Our mobile app department is ready to help kick-start your app idea and bring it to market faster, avoiding the many pitfalls along the way.


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