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Web-Koncept App

Web-koncept A/S now offers their customers an easy and quick way to publish a blog post on the fly.



Flutter, Node JS, Google Firebase

About Web-koncept

Web-koncept is one of Denmark’s largest web agencies and experts in WordPress solutions, which includes websites, webshops, SEO, Google Ads, Facebook etc. Their focus area is small and medium-sized companies, all over Denmark.

The Problem

Web-koncept needed a quick and easy way for their customers to update their WordPress website. The challenge for their customers was the somewhat tedious process of transferring pictures from phone to the computer, logging on to the website, and creating and publishing a post. Web-koncept are experts in their field, and when it came to mobile app development, it was essential for them to choose a partner that had expertise and could guide and take on the leading role throughout the development process.

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The Solution

Manao Software developed and delivered a simple and elegant solution consisting of a mobile app for iOS and Android, as well as a web administration where Web-koncept could quickly and easily activate a customer’s website.

The Web-koncept app works, in all its simplicity, by the customer logging in with domain and WordPress login, just as a user would do if they were sitting in front of their computer. Next, the customer can create and publish blog posts on their WordPress website, or view key numbers from their Google Analytics account, directly on their mobile or tablet.

One of the main functions of the WordPress platform is the creation of blog posts, where a user can write a headline, excerpt and description, select a category, upload pictures as well as inserting a gallery. These features now appear in the app, where the customer through a simple and elegant user interface can create a post on the go, and choose whether to share it on Facebook when publishing.

Furthermore, Web-koncept’s customers typically have Google Analytics and Google Ads integrated on their WordPress page, which collects user data and customer activity. This data sheds light on how much of the customer’s website traffic comes from the various sources and can help the customer analyze what works for their company or not. Selected key numbers from the aforementioned data are sent to the app’s “Statistics” screen and show, among other things, organic searches, number of clicks, cost-per-click (CPC), acquisition overview, etc.

WordPress is probably the most popular CMS platform available for website development. This fame has made WordPress websites the target for hackers worldwide. Security was therefore front and center during the development process, where the entire solution had security mechanisms implemented, in accordance with best practices based on OAuth 2.0 (Open Authorization), which is a widespread standard of very high quality, that allows users to give websites or applications access to their information on other sites, but without handing out passwords.

To consolidate everything and connect the business logic of the entire solution, Firebase Realtime Database was used as hosting, which is an API that synchronizes data across iOS and Android devices and stores them in the cloud. Firebase helps software developers build applications that can collaborate in real time and was a perfect product for a mobile app of this type.

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The Applied Technologies

The Results

The Web-koncept app was launched in July 2021 and was received warmly among Web-koncept customers. 

A customer’s comment: 

It’s so easy now. I can publish pictures of a product without having to use our PC and disturb my colleagues. 

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