Customer Case: Consol Alliance Booking Portal

Project completed: 2014

Link to Project:

Business domain: Freight and shipping

The Consol Alliance Booking Portal consists of a responsive web app that can be used by browsers on any type of device, and a native mobile app for iOS that allows its users to be on the road and still check sailing schedules, look up shipping rates, and make bookings.

Consol Alliance Booking Portal Home Screen


Focus on the Business Domain

Manao Software uses Domain Driven Design (DDD) when developing custom software for various types of businesses. Understanding the business domain of a client is the key to a successful project. The business domain of Consol Alliance is in freight consolidation. The shipping business in general is rich on special terminology and our development team focused on learning the terms in order to establish a so-called Ubiquitous Language in the project: A language shared by the development team and the client, reaching all the way down into the code as variable names etc. Once everyone is speaking the same language, the risk of misunderstandings is greatly reduced.

Software Development Methodology

At Manao Software we use Agile/Scrum as the main project management methodology during the initial software development. The iterative development gives us the right mix of flexibility to accommodate changing client requirements, while keeping overhead low. For later maintenance we use Kanban because it's better suited to ad hoc support tasks with varying levels of urgency and importance.

Technologies Used

The Consol Allaince Booking Portal is a modern, cloud based web application running on the ASP.NET platform. Major technologies and frameworks used include:


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