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"I can warmly recommend working with Manao Software and would choose them for any future projects of the same kind."

Manao Software developed an order management system for our company. The system would replace a manual email and paper based process. The system needed to be intuitive and easy to use for our customers who are generally not very IT-savvy, but also complex enough for our company to make use of the data that was entered.
At first I checked out different off-the-shelf products, but very soon limitations in the systems made me start looking for vendors who could deliver a custom made system.
When selecting the company to work with, I checked out several relevant companies, looking at websites and certification levels. When I saw Manao Software is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner I was assured that they would deliver high quality products.
My first impression of both Managing Director and the resources assigned to the project was very good. They knew what they were doing and they were asking all the right questions. They would challenge my input and give suggestions for improvements.
The goal was to have our 3 largest customers using the system by the end of 2017. We have already achieved that and an additional 10 customers have started using the system. The customers find it easy to use and for us it is a major improvement to many of our work processes.  
I can warmly recommend working with Manao Software and would choose them for any future projects of the same kind..  

Anna Klasson
Anna Klasson Managing Director Nordlys Bunader

"Manao have always looked at the prospect and challenged us to think in new and smarter solutions for our customers"

We at Great Communication have been working together with Christopher and his team at Manao Software for a long time and on many projects. We have been doing a variety of web solutions, and apps with them over the years. It is very liberating as a company depending on deadlines to have a sub contractor, that always delivers on time and with the solutions we have agreed on. We have always been able to push our boundaries for what we believe is possible on the web and Manao have always looked at the prospect and challenged us to think in new and smarter solutions for our customers.  

Bo Sprehn
Bo Sprehn CEO & Partner Great Communication

"The process of the project has been beyond our expectations"

When we needed to get a new web design and website, we asked various suppliers for proposals.
Manao Software was recommended to us by a former colleague, who previously had been using their services. Manao Software was able to propose a solution to a significantly lower price than other Danish speaking suppliers.
The process of the project has been beyond our expectations. From the beginning there was a great understanding of the design and need, which has resulted in us getting a new website, that matches all of our expectations.
We have experienced that communication by using Skype has been an advantage, since the time usage has been minimal and the use of screen sharing made the meetings very fast and specific.
With the overall experience in mind, we would love to recommend Manao Software to others with the same need.

Nicholai Vigger Knudsen Weapons Consultant Herregaardsjægeren

"We got a very good product at a low cost - without compromising on the quality"

The collaboration with Manao Software has been a great experience for CreaSign. At the time when we needed a new website, we started gathering proposals from various equivalent Danish companies, but these were exceeding our budget. Manao Software demonstrated the ability to understand our needs and offered a website solution at a significantly lower cost, without compromising on the quality. On the contrary, they have provided us with a high quality product and good advice when needed. Because of that, we have decided to use Manao Software for our other projects.

Even though Manao Software is based in Thailand, we have been communicating on a daily basis with the Danish project managers in the office, who have been helpful during the whole process and shown a positive attitude towards every challenge. All communication has been in Danish using e-mail and Skype. This has been a key factor in order to avoid misunderstandings, which could have been one of the downsides of outsourcing to an Asian country.

Gitte Vejen Marketing & development CreaSign

 "Manao Software asked us the right questions, so we avoided misunderstandings"

When we presented our project to Manao Software, the project managers asked us the right questions regarding our needs, which gave us the opportunity to take possible issues, which we had not anticipated, into consideration. Because of that, we have a great website solution, which gives both our visitors and ourselves a good experience. We have recommended Manao Software to our acquaintances and are considering using them for future projects.

Erik Hougaard Chairman of the board Zalr

 "I can navigate the backend as a professional and even get some fun out of it!"

It has been a pleasure to work with the team at Manao Software and specifically the project management has been an invaluable asset in the process. 
Before we started the project, websites and Umbraco was unknown territory and scary for me. The team has made everything easy and very user-friendly for a beginner.
I can navigate the backend as a professional and even get some fun out of it! 
I did not expect that before we started the project.

Poullet Sangbaran Founder Tellary

"We got a lot of value for the money and Manao Software kept their promises"

We have had a smooth collaboration with Manao Software. Together with them, we narrowed in on the best solution and they kept their promises. This regards both price and quality – we have had no hidden costs after the project was delivered. We believe that we got a lot of value for the money invested in the project. The communication has been in Danish, which was a big advantage since Manao Software is based in Thailand. We have been happy with the process, and are considering using Manao Software for future projects.

Peter Topp Jensen IKT-Manager ESIS

"Manao Software is able to solve even the most complex tasks within IT development"

We are a danish company, that has worked together with Manao Software on two large projects. Both projects involved an Umbraco frontend, and a very complex, feature rich web-application.
Manao Software has been 100% dedicated to fulfilling their role in the projects. The programmers, architects and project managers are all very competent, and working hard on making great solutions. Manao Software is able to solve even the most complex tasks within IT development, and to deliver on time.
I can recommend Manao Software for anything from a custom Umbraco website, and up to the most advanced web applications.

Kaare Linderoth Head of Development Skolevisioner ApS

"The database has become a model for our organization globally"

We are a large international NGO operating in Thailand and we are very pleased with the business relationship we have shared with Manao Software. Manao recently developed a complex, web-based database for us, and we found their service to be outstanding, friendly and open.
Throughout the development process, Manao Software’s programming and management staff shared our vision, goals and concerns, which made us feel that we were always on the same page, working together to develop solutions.
Their attention to detail and willingness to listen to our needs was instrumental in the development of a high-quality data platform, which will help us better track the progress and impact of our work. The database has become a model for our organization globally. All of our team members truly appreciate Manao Software’s cooperation, professionalism and high quality work.

Frank Surachai Pumipuntu Monitoring and Evaluation Manager - SHIELD International Rescue Committee

"The project was quite demanding technically, and the Manao team handled it with ease"

Manao Software handled our new project efficiently and in a collaborative spirit, on time and on budget.  The project was quite demanding technically, and the Manao team handled it with ease.  I chose Manao Software to implement the project because I have worked with them before and found them to be more than capable of handling projects requiring a range of IT skills - something that only a well-coordinated team can manage - well done Manao!

Tim Bowyer Founder The Fonetiks family of websites

"Manao Software leaves their competitors in the dust"

I’ve had the opportunity to work closely with Chris and his team at Manao software on two database development projects as well as a web site development project. Manao Software leaves their competitors in the dust by designing effective and affordable web applications for both small and large scale purposes. Chris has a dedicated and fun team of developers who are Microsoft ASP.NET certified and who receive regular training in product development best practices.
Manao makes it easy to understand the product development life cycle by breaking down and explaining each phase into easily understandable parts to encourage client involvement and feedback. Manao worked hard to understand my company’s needs and made sure we were happy with the final product.
I highly recommend Chris and Manao Software to both local and international companies looking for high quality and affordable web applications.

Lyndy Worsham Information Management Coordinator The Border Consortium
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