Outsourcing of Dedicated .NET Development Teams

An affordable team of programmers that only work on your projects, billed at a low monthly rate.

We can help you kickstart your project

If your company need to kickstart a project, we can step up. Manao Software has skilled senior developers employed, who can start working on your project from day 1. In this way you can save the costs of hiring programmers under local conditions and use our developers on a monthly basis.

Outsourced Developers That Don't Just Smile 'n' Nod

Tired of outsourcing to code factories? Try something else. Our programmers will contribute ideas, suggest improvements and point out problems. No more smiling and nodding to hide confusion.

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Communication Is Critical

One of the biggest barriers to successful outsourcing of dedicated software development teams is communication. We are aware that in many Asian cultures it is very important to avoid conflicts and loss of face. In contrast, Western clients are used to straight talking developers that stick to their guns. This leads to misunderstandings. A common example is that when a team is asked whether an instruction is clear, they will smile and nod even if they are confused. It's a way to avoid losing face, but in the end time is wasted when the work has to be redone.

Problem Solved

We have solved the problem by creating a company culture based on Western ideals, and we have seen a tremendous improvement to communication as a result, both internally and with our clients. 

At the same time we have English classes twice weekly to ensure all Thai staff continue to improve their English language skills, again to remove the communication barrier.

High Quality ensured by In-House Project Management

Our Western project managers are working at the same office as our developers, so this is not the typical remote controlled outsourcing company. The project managers are working closely with the teams every day and this influences the developers to embrace the Western company culture: They are used to high standards when it comes to delivery of projects. In the end we save time by doing it right the first time and this is something we take pride in.

Microsoft Certified ASP.NET Developers

Why would you settle for less? We understand that certification is not everything, but it is a minimum industry standard benchmark that you can rely on. In addition to Microsoft certification our developers go through a rigorous training and mentoring process that gets them writing clean and maintainable code and using best practices to ensure high quality and a long product life.

Get Your Own Team

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