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Is a dedicated team right for your business?

Dedicated teams are ideal for long term projects and outsourced product development. The valuable product knowledge and know-how that is built up over time is retained on the team because it is guaranteed that team members will not be reassigned to other projects.

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Build a team according to your needs

We offer all the roles needed for a full development team, e.g. programmers, testers, designers, software architects, and project managers. Experience levels can be junior, mid-level, or senior, depending on product complexity and development budget. The core team members are hired on a monthly basis (minimum 3 months) and can be supplemented as needed byon an hourly basis, e.g. by a project manager.


Sorry, we do not offer PHP, Ruby on Rails, or Java services. We do not want to be a jack of all trades, master of none, so we specialize in a small number of technologies and exclude the rest. This allows us to provide exceptionally highly skilled developers in our area of expertise.

Manao Work Process Outsource

The process

First, we learn about your business and the product you want to develop so that we can determine the required roles, technological skills, and levels of experience needed on the team. Then we match the requirements to suitable candidates. We can pick the ideal team for you, or we can send resumes for your consideration and after that schedule interviews.

Microsoft Certified Gold Partner

Why choose developers from Manao Software?

We are an expat-run company with an international mindset, and we offer quality remote teams who can deliver quality work, have good communication skills, and are stable and productive. We have good business ethics and value transparency and straight-talking.

Tired of outsourcing to code factories? Try something else. Our programmers will contribute ideas, suggest improvements and point out problems. No more smiling and nodding to hide confusion.

We focus on the Microsoft technology stack and are experts in ASP.NET Core and Azure. We are a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner company and our developers are Microsoft certified.

"Manao Software has played an important role in the development of our product and is still a key player within our product development organisation."
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