Enablesus is empowering our world by linking the transparency of sustainability between consumers and organizations.

Enablesus About

About Enablesus

Enablesus is a company providing transparency in sustainability solutions to organizations and consumers. This is done by encouraging greater transparency in the sustainability of organisations, making this information available to consumers, and by working with great collaborators who share their purpose.

The Problem

To achieve their mission, Enablesus wished to create an operation, a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform that provides tools for organizations, consumers, and collaboration partners to connect with sustainability information and tools.

Enablesus needed a software development partner who could provide the all-in-one solution from designing, coding, testing, deployment to maintenance.

Enablesus Manao

The Solution

The Manao Software team worked closely with the Enablesus team starting from the discovery phase such as the requirements gathering, creating software architecture design, and UX/UI designs. After understanding Enablesus’ business concept, Manao Software designed a software architecture that ensures the web app is stable, secure, fast, and scalable.

Manao Software used the following technologies, tools, and services:

  • Used Azure App Services (Azure Functions, Azure Web App) for the backend
  • Used Azure SQL Server for storing the web app data
  • Integrated the web app with Stripe payment system, it allowed Enablesus’ clients (organizations) to sign up, choose a subscription package plan and make payments.
  • Developed an External API that allowed Enablesus’ partner companies to access Enablesus’ data and services
  • Developed the web app in full compliance with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).
  • Implemented OWASP-10 web security testing.

To ensure access control and data security, Manao Software implemented the OTP (one-time password) for logging into the web app, and IP whitelisting for the External API.

Technologies Used

The Results

Manao Software developed and delivered a complete turn-key solution, Enablesus web app, that is ready to use. The web app was successfully launched on September 15, 2021. The Enablesus web app consists of the frontend application and backend administration. The web app allows the public to search and view the sustainability information of the organizations. This promotes transparency and the sustainable development of organizations and businesses.