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In 2012, Every Angle initiated a complete redesign of their product and needed an extra team (developers and quality assurance testers) who should be able to work exclusively for the company and able to deliver high quality technical work for their complex project.

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About Every Angle Software Solutions BV

Every Angle, a Magnitude Company, is an international software company that empowers users of SAP-run organizations to know more and act faster in their operational responsibilities, contributing to continuous business improvement. Every Angle’s embedded, cross-functional intelligence transforms Supply Chain, Human Resource, GRC and Finance data into actionable business insight. The plug-and-play solution works on any SAP system (ECC and HANA) and will remove the need for time consuming and expensive BI design and development projects. Every Angle’s solution hides the complexity of SAP’s data structures and empowers business users to operate within a culture based on prevention rather than cure. The headquarters is located in Gouda, The Netherlands. Every Angle software is used worldwide by more than 10,000 users.

The Problem

Every Angle needed an extra team (developers and quality assurance testers) who should be able to work exclusively for the company and able to deliver high quality technical work for their complex project.  

Duy Bui explains: “About 7 years ago (in 2012), we initiated a complete redesign of our product. To accomplish this we were in need of extra development resources that could help us kick start this project. Every Angle is a very complex product. Therefore, it was important to get a skilled and experienced team together that was able to quickly understand Every Angle's existing core principles, in order to translate that into our new architecture. Next to that, clear communication and close collaboration with our developers and management in The Netherlands was key.”

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The Solution

Manao Software’s dedicated development team collaborated and worked closely with Every Angle’s teams in The Netherlands and with the Product Owner who was assigned to base and work onsite at Manao Software’s office from then till now.

“We needed an outsource partner that could meet up with our high requirements. In terms of quality, flexibility and affordability, Manao Software was just the perfect match. As the culture within Manao Software is based on Western principles, the team was not just helping us with writing code, but it was also able to think along with our challenges and actively help us with finding proper solutions.

"Manao Software delivered exactly what we needed: a dedicated team of software developers that was eager to take on the challenges. Key factor was to have one of our own managers on location in Chiang Mai. This made it so much easier to steer the remote team, while keeping an optimal communication channel towards the other teams and stakeholders in The Netherlands.” comments Duy Bui.

The Results

Every Angle had successfully launched its product on time and within the budget as planned. The number of dedicated team members have been increased since then. Manao Software continues supporting Every Angle on their development works to this today.

Duy Bui says: “The Manao team has played a significant role in making this project a success. We were able to launch our new release well within budget and scope and the software is now live on more than 100 customer systems. After the first launch, the Manao team continued working on maintenance and new features and as of today the team has grown into well-matured and dedicated agile development team.”