Joint Arctic Command protects the sovereignty of the Kingdom of Denmark in the Arctic Region – now with help from the Grønlandsvogterne mobile app.

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About Joint Arctic Command

The mission of the Joint Arctic Command is to protect the sovereignty of the Kingdom of Denmark in the Arctic Region, which includes Maritime Pollution Prevention, fishery inspection, Search and Rescue, hydrographical surveys and support to governmental science missions, and the civil society.

The Problem

Joint Arctic Command was tasked with creating a new mobile app for a volunteer organization, Grønlandsvogterne, to make it easy for volunteers in Greenland to report pollution at sea, people in need of rescue, as well as military activity observations.

With no prior experience in creating mobile apps, Joint Arctic Command needed a software development company that could guide them through the whole process from start to end and provide a turnkey solution with iOS and Android apps ready for volunteers to download in the app stores.

Using Mobile Snow

The Solution

Manao Software interviewed the stakeholders to get a clear understanding of the requirements for the capabilities of the mobile app. It became clear that the app would need to be suitable for special circumstances where the internet signal might be intermittent or unavailable, or where the users might be wearing gloves or have cold hands with limited time to interact with the app.

We designed a simple graphical user interface with big, easy to hit buttons, which can be operated quickly in emergencies or with reduced finger dexterity. To deal with unreliable internet connections, we implemented a smart offline mode for the app which makes it possible for the user to create a report (including photos, GPS location, and description) while the internet connection is unavailable, and have the app submit the report later, as soon as the internet connection becomes available again.

Reports submitted by volunteers are received at the office of Joint Arctic Command where they can be triaged and actioned.

Technologies Used

Pollution Reporting Mobile App Preview

The Results

The Grønlandsvogterne app was successfully launched on May 27th, 2021, and five days later the app had already been downloaded over 500 times. In that short time there were already reports submitted, for example a stray fishing net near Nuuk, which was drifting in the sea with buoys and dead birds stuck in it. With the help of Joint Arctic Command, after receiving the report from a volunteer, the net was collected to avoid further damage to animals or vessels.