Heimstaden Danmark

The daily routines of the Heimstaden Danmark employees have now become significantly easier, with their operations manual as a mobile app.

Heimstaden Danmark

About Heimstaden Danmark

Heimstaden is probably one of Europe's largest residential property companies with over 150,000 rental properties in 10 different countries, which buys, develops and manages rental properties, and which consists of both newly built and established properties throughout Denmark with leases for private and commercial use.

The Challenge

Put in simple terms, all of Heimstaden employees to a greater or lesser extent, make daily use of an operations manual, which early on was prepared with the aim of creating the right framework, processes and workflows to carry out key tasks in Heimstaden Denmark. Its implementation was intended to reduce the workload on Heimstaden Denmark, as an organization, by creating understanding on all levels, avoiding conflicts and misunderstandings that resulted in unnecessary costs, and generally improved cooperation. The manual is therefore an important tool for the Heimstaden Danmark employees.

But the content of the manual, which has cost Heimstaden a lot of time and effort, and not least money, to develop, was available in the form of a PDF file. The file was clumsy to distribute among employees, because of its big size, and which was done by e-mail and the like. It was generally difficult for the admins to ensure that the latest updated version was in the hands of employees. Furthermore, keeping track of who had access to the manual, and performing simple tasks such as extracting statistics etc. was another headache.

Heimstaden Danmark Mobilapp

The Solution

Heimstaden Danmark developed a simple but yet effective solution, consisting of a mobile app and a web administration. Via the web administration, an admin can upload the operations manual in the form of a PDF file, which then can be accessed and displayed via Heimstaden Danmark's mobile app. The app, which is exclusively developed for the iOS platform, was developed in the Flutter framework for both iPhone and iPad, where Heimstaden Danmark employees can access an updated version of the manual at any time.

An important aspect of the entire development was that the manual now is behind a login. The login page, of both the web administration and the mobile app, were integrated with the organization’s Azure Active Directory, where all employees' user roles and permissions are managed from. Furthermore, it was essential for Heimstaden Danmark's IT department, in an easy way, to be able to assign and remove an employee's access to the web administration.

In addition to the above, the mobile app comes with a number of minor features. E.g., the manual contains checklists which previously had to be printed out on paper before the employee could make use of them. It added more time to a task, when all the employee needed was to tick boxes or enter notes etc. As something new, it is now possible for the user to work with checklists directly in the app, where changes are saved in "real-time".

The Applied Technologies

The Result

Heimstaden Danmark's mobile app was successfully launched in August 2022 via the organization's Apple Business Manager account as their method of distribution. The solution has helped Heimstaden to streamline an important part of the company's workflow, which ultimately has a positive effect on the bottom line.