Based on the client's idea and concept we created a full mobile app design, user experience and developed them into a turnkey solution with a web based backend and app published in App Store and Play.

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The Solution

SoMeCentral is a cloud based SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) that lets companies effortlessly gather photos and videos from employees for use in social media campaigns, e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. The company signs up first and employees receive invitations (via SMS or email) to download the mobile app and start contributing content from company events, or other relevant activities. 

Manao Software provided a turnkey solution with custom graphic design, UX design, software development, testing, deployment, and maintenance.

Main Features

  • Native mobile apps for iOS and Android, available wherever you normally get your apps.
  • Take photos or videos in the app, or choose from the camera roll.
  • 30 minutes "whoops" period to remove any photos that were shared by mistake, before they are transmitted to the company's social media library and locked. 
  • Pick from a list of company events to categorize photos.
  • Online subscription based service with automatically recurring credit card payments.
  • Web based backend for administrators to manage uploaded media, users, and other company info.
  • Responsive backend layout adjusts automatically to all screen sizes, from smartphone to tablet to big screens.

Technologies Used

SoMeCentral was built using Umbraco CMS as the platform for the backend, and native mobile apps for both iOS and Android:

  • iOS app coded in Swift using Xcode
  • Android app coded in Java using Android Studio
  • Secure online credit card payments via Stripe
  • SMS messaging system using Twiliio
  • REST/JSON web APIs
  • Fully hosted in Microsoft Azure using App Service
  • Communications encrypted with SSL

Technologies Used

At Manao Software we use Agile/Scrum as the main project management methodology during the initial software development. The iterative development gives us the right mix of flexibility to accommodate changing client requirements, while keeping overhead low. For later maintenance we use Kanban because it's better suited to ad hoc support tasks with varying levels of urgency and importance.