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Our culture

Get an exciting career in a modern, international software house, with many opportunities for growth

Diversity and Inclusion

Encouraging diversity means actively seeking out and embracing individuals from various backgrounds, including different genders, races, ethnicities, cultures, religions, sexual orientations, and abilities.

Work-Life Balance

Establishing clear communication regarding working hours, availability, and response time, helps employees understand boundaries and manage their time effectively. This helps balance work and personal life.  

Remote work

Remote flexibility empowers employees to structure their work around their personal needs and commitments. We believe remote work to be efficient, and sometimes necessary, and offer a hybrid approach.

Respect each other

Having employees engage in a inclusive culture and actively seeking out different viewpoints, helps create an environment where everyone feels respected, heard and acknowledged for their efforts.


Asking questions promotes curiosity and analysis, and enables you to make connections between different ideas and concepts, breaking down complex information into smaller, more manageable parts.


An equal team dynamic emphasizes each team member’s skills, knowledge, and perspectives. Diverse contributions can further enhance the overall effectiveness of the team and product.  

Life at Manao Software.

We run a business on being service-minded, and are always looking to improve. Feedback from our clients helps us understand what we need to do better, and what we already do well.

Benefits and Welfare

International workplace

Highly talented and professional co-workers. We only hire top professionals to work our office in Chiang Mai.

Clear career paths

We define what you need to do in oder to advance to the next level.Together, we plan your career, and review your annual performance.

Microsoft certifications

Become a Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD). We pay for your training, books, and exam fees.

Learn & grow

We pay for training and exam fees, and give a bonus when you pass an exam. Enjoy language training two hours a week. We pay fees and travel costs.

Job Opportunities

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