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Set up your very own software development team with us

Everyone on your dedicated software development team is engaged on your project on a full-time monthly basis, and only works on your tasks (that’s a guarantee). You can have your team up and running in days, not months, as you get to skip the recruitment process, and you get a predictable monthly software development budget.

Perfect for long-term projects where you want to build up and keep knowledge and know-how on your core team, and you can always supplement with specialist roles on an hourly basis as needed.


Our dedicated team of outsourced software development experts excels in identifying technical challenges across all levels. They meticulously assess and refactor code to align with your architecture, ensuring optimal code structure. Additionally, they strategically manage source control branching, implement efficient conventions, and set up and configure new development, testing, and production environments, guaranteeing a seamless software development process.

Software Architects

As experts in technology infrastructure, our software architects review software and hardware efficiency. They not only propose practical strategies but also define user requirements, ensuring a solid foundation for your project’s success.


Our UI and UX designers play a pivotal role in translating client needs into creative solutions. They bring concepts to life, aligning with guidelines and instructions, and actively contribute to process improvements, ensuring your project’s visual appeal and a user experience that elevates your business.

Software Testers

Our software testers are in charge of testing websites and web apps and executing test cases. Software testers support programmers in fixing defects. They use advanced problem-solving skills to understand complex client business domains and specifications quickly, proactively identifying quality issues and suggesting enhancements that boost your project’s success.

Project Managers

Our project managers are your strategic partners. They propose solutions, estimate costs and schedules, and diligently track progress, removing obstacles and minimising delays. With regular reports and updates for stakeholders, they contribute to the seamless execution of your projects, ultimately driving business growth.

Technology Expertise

We don’t want to be a jack of all trades and master of none. We specialise in a small number of technologies and exclude the rest. This allows us to provide exceptional custom software development services by highly skilled developers in our area of expertise.

Web Frontend

The frontend technologies we use


Our five backend technologies

iOS Apps

Our tools for iOS apps

Android Apps

The technologies we use for Android mobile app development service.
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Our Approach

Our software development outsourcing approach is built on great care and attention to detail. Our strategy is always to be one step ahead and prepare for whatever challenges we might face along the way. We are thorough from start to finish and offer long-term maintenance and support after your project ends.

We provide offshore software development services for companies abroad, handling their software development projects effectively in terms of quality and cost.

Understanding Your Business Vision and Needs

We dive deep into your business to understand your goals and the products you aim to create.

Crafting the Right Team

We expertly identify the essential roles, necessary technological skills, and experience levels required for your development team.

Connecting You With the Right Talent

We meticulously match your outsourced software development requirements with the most suitable candidates, ensuring a perfect fit.

Facilitating Interviews and Selection

After making your selections, we streamline the process by presenting resumes and scheduling interviews with the chosen candidates.


Discover the benefits of using our services

Why Choose Manao Software?

We’ve provided software development outsourcing services to companies around the world since 2007 and offer a great experience in the software development process. We provide both local and offshore software development services.

Whether you need an outsourced development team, a custom web application, or a mobile app, you can count on us to assist you through the process and deliver projects that align with your vision.

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Engagement Models

You get plenty of flexibility when you partner with us here at Manao Software. We provide software development services to all sorts of companies, from early-stage startups to multinational enterprises, and we know each company is different when it comes to budgeting and cash flow needs. When investing in custom software development, picking the right engagement model for your business is crucial.


Dedicated Teams

  • Monthly billing
  • Flexibility
  • Easy scaling
  • Full control
  • Cost efficiency
  • Long-term project support
  • Access to a diverse talent pool
For long-term software development projects, especially the ones where features are continually being added, having your own full-time dedicated software development team that only works on your project is an excellent choice. You can set up your whole team at Manao Software or augment your existing in-house team, and you can add specialist roles on an hourly basis for UX/UI design, DevOps, Solution Architecture, etc. Dedicated teams give you a predictable monthly software development budget with the flexibility to scale the team size up or down as needed from month to month.

Fixed Price Projects

  • Milestone based billing
  • Predictability
  • Well defined goals
  • Transparency
  • Predefined investment
  • Timeline certainty
  • Ease of management

If the scope of work is well-defined and you want to have certainty of the budget and timeline from the beginning, then a fixed price project will provide the financial predictability and clear expectations you need. It does not have to come at the cost of flexibility. We are happy to make adjustments for you along the way at no charge, and for bigger changes we have a zero-headache process for handling change requests.

With a fixed price project, you always know how much you are going to invest in advance, regardless of whether the project ends up requiring more effort than we estimated.

Find out more about fixed price projects for web app development or mobile app development.

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