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Manao Software provides high quality software development outsourcing services to companies that need custom made web applications or mobile apps with features exactly matching their unique business requirements. For longer term solutions (starting at 3 months), outsourced development teams are available to augment or replace internal resources at lower cost and with more flexibility. 


Manao Software is on a mission to be a refreshing alternative for clients struggling with outsourcing to typical smile-and-nod software development companies. We find bright, promising local talent, develop their skills to expert levels in an empowering environment based on understanding, quality and speed, and produce affordable and remarkably high quality results.

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We have provided software development outsourcing services to companies around the world since 2007 and offer deep understanding and experience in the software development process - especially when it comes to the challenges involved in outsourcing and working with a remote team in a different time zone.

Whether you need an outsourced development team, a custom web application, or a mobile app, you can count on us to guide you safely through the whole process from initial vision to successful project delivery.

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