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Denmark-based Joes & Cos, specializing in remote work solutions, aimed to enhance their existing Android and iOS app with an innovative meeting room feature. Focused on connecting users to co-working spaces, hotels, and meeting rooms, they engaged Manao Software as their technical partner for expert app development.


Node.js, Google Firebase, React, React Native, Flamelink

Joes & Cos Mobile App

“We engaged Manao Software as our external technical department since we lack an internal team for coding and app development. They successfully developed our software from scratch, enabling us to have a functional platform ready for use and sale. Through multiple projects, I’ve experienced a seamless process with Manao Software, highlighting their professionalism, patience, and attention to detail. The team is both organized and flexible with time, ensuring a responsive and efficient collaboration. It’s crucial to understand your project needs and be prepared to guide them, as their capabilities are vast but require active participation and quick responses. Overall, working with Manao Software has been a positive experience, and I appreciate their dedicated and skilled team.”

William Restrepo | Co-Founder - Joes & Cos

William Restrepo

Co-Founder | Joes & Cos

Joes & Cos Mobile App

An Optimized Mobile App

Manao Software improved their platform by adding a comprehensive meeting room feature, including booking flow, checkout, guest and vendor chat, and booking management. This new functionality facilitates seamless interactions by allowing vendors to communicate directly with guests within the app. These aspects were meticulously designed, drawing inspiration from Airbnb’s user-friendly model. The checkout process, compatible with Apple Pay and Google Pay, supports convenient payment options.

A Brand New Web Portal

As part of the project, Manao Software developed a new web-based vendor portal. Built on the React framework, the portal offers vendors a user-friendly interface to manage room listings, communicate with guests, and handle bookings efficiently. The chat functionality was modeled after Airbnb, with special attention given to mitigating chat latency and addressing potential challenges with such a feature during development. Additionally, a third layer was added to the web portal, allowing Joes & Cos as super admin to log in and manage vendor registrations, including approval features and more. The integration of React technology ensures users a responsive and dynamic web experience.

Joes & Cos Mobile App
Joes & Cos Mobile App

In-App Vendor Mode

Joes & Cos focused on app features with the guest user in mind, but they also wanted to include the vendor user, introducing a dedicated “vendor mode” within their app. Empowering vendors to interact seamlessly, accept or decline bookings, and manage communications within the app, avoiding the need for vendors to be glued to a computer. The vendor mode not only enhanced the app’s functionality but also provided vendors with a powerful tool to streamline their operations.

The Applied Technologies

The Result

The partnership with Manao Software yielded tangible results for Joes & Cos. The revamped mobile app and web portal was successfully launched, allowing users to access and utilize the platform. The meeting room feature, a highlight of the collaboration, has been integrated seamlessly, enhancing the overall user experience. Joes & Cos now has a fully functional booking system, specifically the meeting room feature, developed from scratch and ready for use and sale.

Mobile App & Web Portal
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