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Outsourced software testing

We offer ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board) certified software testers who have been carefully selected by our company. Our testers are systematic, detail oriented, structured, and methodical when testing software for defects. Any bugs present in the code will be mercilessly hunted down.

Why outsource your software quality assurance?

Insufficient software quality assurance often results in bugs and reliability issues. Depending on software type, this can cause serious financial damages, and lead to unhappy users no longer wanting to use your product.

By outsourcing your quality assurance to specialists, you get access to experts with great testing experience. Rather than having to rely on your programmers to test their own work, do yourself a favor and outsource your quality assurance.

When you decide to outsource your quality assurance, you are free to either add or remove testers from your team. Our main focus is to match your business needs, and we do not want you keeping staff on your payroll just for the sake of it.

Finally, while saving costs is not the sole reason for outsourcing quality assurance, there are substantial savings to outsourcing on a monthly basis. You get exactly what you need. Nothing less, nothing more.

The testing process

Learn about the business needs

we learn about your business and the product you want to develop.

Determine the required roles

we can determine the required roles, technological skills, and levels of experience needed on the development team.

Match the candidates

we match the requirements to suitable candidates.

Schedule interviews

we can send resumes for your consideration and after that schedule interviews.

Testing Toolbox

Not sure what you need?

We will help you decide what type of service best suits your business needs.

Our clients

Manao Software Testimonial 2
Manao Software Testimonial 2

Nordlys Bunader

“I can warmly recommend working with Manao Software and would choose them for any future projects of the same kind.”

Anna Klasson
Managing Director​

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