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Outsourced Software Testing Services

We offer QA testing services with ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board) certified software testers, who have been carefully selected by our software testing services company. Our testers are systematic, detail-oriented, structured, and methodical when testing software for defects. This part of our development process is essential in determining flaws and eliminating bugs to improve the software’s performance and user experience.

As a software testing services company, we follow a test plan to deliver the desired results

Why Outsource Your Software Quality Assurance?

Prevent bugs and reliability issues caused by insufficient software quality assurance (QA). Depending on the software type, these issues can have a negative impact on your app’s performance, affecting user experience, decreasing product usage, and causing serious financial loss.

By outsourcing your QA testing to specialists, you get access to experts with vast testing experience. Leverage the expertise of our QA testing service team, which will implement international standards and the best testing tools to perform manual and automated software testing services.

Our testers are ISTQB-certified

An advantage to outsourced software testing is the flexibility to increase or reduce testers as necessary according to the project at hand. The main focus of our software testing services is to match your business needs and accomplish the QA testing efficiently and effectively to garner the best results.

In many cases, outsourced QA testing is more cost-effective as you’ll maintain the cost of a dedicated team only for the project’s duration, gaining substantial savings and enjoying expert service.

Our QA Software Testing Process

Learn About Your Business Needs

As an experienced software testing and quality assurance services company, we understand your business needs and offer effective and efficient methods to develop the products you want.

Determine the Required Roles

With our understanding of your business, we’ll determine the required technical skills necessary for the QA software testing role in your development team.

Match the Candidates

We’ll provide suitable candidates to match the needs of your project, carefully choosing them according to their experience and expertise to ensure your needs are met.

Schedule interviews

We’ll send our recommendations for your consideration and schedule interviews after you’ve made your selections. This way, you can build the team you need to successfully implement QA software testing services for the product you’re developing.

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Testing Toolbox for QA Testing Services

We utilise the best practices and latest tools to provide automated software testing services to effectively review and validate a software product in the development stage.

Test Automation

Test Tools

Test Tracking

Not Sure Where To Begin?

Get in touch with us to explore the QA software testing services that match your business needs today.


Engagement Models

You get plenty of flexibility when you partner with us here at Manao Software. We provide software development services to all sorts of companies, from early-stage startups to multinational enterprises, and we know each company is different when it comes to budgeting and cash flow needs. When investing in custom software development, picking the right engagement model for your business is crucial.


Dedicated Teams

  • Monthly billing
  • Flexibility
  • Easy scaling
  • Full control
  • Cost efficiency
  • Long-term project support
  • Access to a diverse talent pool

For long-term software development projects, especially the ones where features are continually being added, having your own full-time dedicated software development team that only works on your project is an excellent choice. You can set up your whole team at Manao Software or augment your existing in-house team, and you can add specialist roles on an hourly basis for UX/UI design, DevOps, Solution Architecture, etc.

Dedicated teams give you a predictable monthly software development budget with the flexibility to scale the team size up or down as needed from month to month.

Find out more about outsourcing a dedicated software development team.


Fixed Price Projects

  • Milestone based billing
  • Predictability
  • Well defined goals
  • Transparency
  • Predefined investment
  • Timeline certainty
  • Ease of management

If the scope of work is well-defined and you want to have certainty of the budget and timeline from the beginning, then a fixed price project will provide the financial predictability and clear expectations you need. It does not have to come at the cost of flexibility. We are happy to make adjustments for you along the way at no charge, and for bigger changes we have a zero-headache process for handling change requests.

With a fixed price project, you always know how much you are going to invest in advance, regardless of whether the project ends up requiring more effort than we estimated.

Find out more about fixed price projects for web app development or mobile app development.

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