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Anyday Buy-Now-Pay-Later Payment Solution

Anyday is an innovative fintech startup with offices in Thailand and Denmark. Their payment solution challenges traditional, online payments. They partnered with Manao Software for complete custom software development services.


ASP.NET Core, Azure, Angular, React Native, Docker, Kubernetes

Anyday with custom software development services

The Problem

In February 2020, Anyday was founded with the goal to launch a fully functional Buy-Now-Pay-Later payment solution for e-commerce later that year. With no technical team of their own, they needed to quickly establish a development team and start building their new product. Fintech products are very complex by nature, and so it was important to have a team that was able to cope with demanding requirements for security, reliability, quality, and scalability. Recruiting a suitable development team would delay the launch date by several months, and due to being a startup, it was high-priority to limit costs.

The Solution

From the very beginning, Manao Software quickly put together a complete solution by utilizing custom software development services and an outsourced dedicated development team. The core team was supplemented with ad hoc specialists such as UX Designers, Product Owners, Solution Architects, and Project Managers. Rather than recruiting their own team, outsourcing to Manao Software meant that Anyday could get a head start on building their product, while benefitting from access to specialists, a rare, early-stage opportunity. Having the entire team in the same office achieved higher productivity, and smoother communication. Anyday was developed as a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) platform with a highly flexible and scalable microservice architecture utilizing:

  • Microsoft Azure cloud services
  • Microsoft ASP.NET Core backend
  • Angular + Bootstrap frontend
  • Docker + Kubernetes container infrastructure

Payment gateway integration for VISA and Mastercard installment payments

“We decided to use Manao Software for the development of our platform due to the wide range of resources available in Manao Software. We managed to build the perfect team, and we launched our product to market as expected, that would not have been possible if we had to build our own team first.”

Jonas from Anyday use custom software development services from Manao Software.

Jonas Overgaard

Chief Executive Officer : Anyday

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The Applied Technologies

The Results

The Anyday platform was successfully launched within budget and processed the first payment in October 2020, a significant milestone for the fintech startup.

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