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Web Application Penetration Testing Services

External pentesting is the best way to ensure the security of your web application. Our security experts help you identify weaknesses or vulnerabilities within your system, provide a full report for your development team, and advise on how to fix security holes.
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Advantages of Performing
Security Penetration Testing

Performing security penetration testing offers several advantages for organizations, contributing to the enhancement of overall cybersecurity. Here are key benefits: 

Identifying Vulnerabilities

Penetration testing helps uncover vulnerabilities in your applications. This proactive approach allows you to address potential security weaknesses before malicious actors exploit them.

Incident Prevention

By proactively identifying and addressing vulnerabilities, penetration testing helps prevent security incidents. This can save your organization from the potentially devastating consequences of a successful cyber attack.

Cost Savings

While there is an initial investment in conducting penetration tests, the long-term cost savings from preventing security breaches and associated financial losses can be substantial. It’s a proactive investment in protecting your assets and maintaining business continuity. 

Compliance Assurance

Many industries and regulatory bodies require organizations to comply with specific security standards. Regular penetration testing helps ensure that your systems align with these regulations, avoiding legal consequences and penalties.

Customer Trust

Demonstrating a commitment to security through regular penetration testing builds trust with customers and stakeholders. It signals that you take the protection of their data seriously, fostering a positive reputation for your organization.

Security Awareness

Penetration testing enhances the security awareness of your organization’s staff. It educates employees about potential security threats and the importance of adhering to security policies.

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Why Use Manao Software?

Choosing Manao Software for security penetration testing offers several distinct advantages.  

  • Proven Methodology. Manao Software performs security assessments based on the OWASP Top 10 and CWE/SANS 25 reports of the most critical risks for web application security. 
  • Fixed Price Proposals. Transparent costs and fixed price proposals, giving you peace of mind. 
  • Custom Service. We customize the testing based on your specific web application. 
  • Easy to Understand Reports. Security issues are listed in order of severity with clear instructions on how to fix them.  
  • Free Retesting. We retest discovered security issues within 30 days at no extra charge. 
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Penetration Testing Approach

We use DAST (Dynamic Application Security Testing) as the testing approach. DAST is a black box testing approach, meaning it does not depend on knowledge of, or access to, the application source code. It works by simulating a malicious user accessing the frontend of the web application, sending various requests and payloads to the web server to try to detect potential vulnerabilities. It is done in a sandbox environment so that the production application, data, and real users are not affected, and so that the sandbox application can easily be restored in case it becomes compromised. 

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Other alternatives include: 

  • SAST (Static Application Security Testing) is a testing approach that involves scanning the source code for vulnerabilities during development. We recommend your development team implement SAST in your development pipeline if possible, and we would be happy to consult with you on that if needed. 
  • Manual penetration testing involves hiring expert security consultants, sometimes referred to as “white hat hackers”, to manually inspect the web application and try to find exploits using an array of specialized tools. This approach can detect vulnerabilities that cannot be detected using DAST or SAST, but the cost is much higher. 

With the objective of providing a cost-effective approach we think DAST is the perfect fit because with the automation that is available through test scripts it is possible to pick a lot of low hanging fruit to reach a solid security baseline. 

Penetration Testing Methodology

Our pentesting methodology consists of the following steps. 

1. Discovery and Analysis

We talk with you to understand your software, infrastructure, and penetration testing goals clearly. 

2. Design

We design a custom test suite based on the understanding gained during discovery and analysis.

3. Testing

Our penetration testing team will execute the scanning of the software in a sandbox environment.

4. Reporting and Remediation

We provide a penetration testing report of potential vulnerabilities with recommendations for remediation.

5. Verification

Our penetration testing team will retest the software to verify that the vulnerabilities have been removed.

Get an Actionable Security Report

We provide a security testing report containing: 

  • Executive summary. 
  • Test approach used. 
  • Tools used.  
  • Summary of the findings, vulnerabilities discovered, severity levels, and recommendations for remediation. 
  • Test logs and evidence. 
  • Burp Suite Professional report. 
บริการ Penetration Testing

What You Need to Provide

We assume you will provide: 

  • URLs or IP addresses of all web applications included in the test. 
  • A sandbox environment running the web application to be tested. It should be possible to reset or restore the environment quickly in case the testing compromises or destroys it. 
  • Credentials for each sandbox user, covering each user role or permission level that you wish to include in the testing. 
  • Special authentication bypass. In case any authentication uses 2FA or any specialized 3rd party services, it must be possible to bypass those during testing for the automation scripts to work.  
  • Assistance during testing.  


How Long Time Does It Take to Perform a Penetration Test?

Typically, from quote to start date is around two weeks, and the actual testing process takes around one week, with another week after that for reporting and helping with remediation.  

How Much Does a Penetration Test Cost?

The price depends on the scope and complexity of the web application and any special requirements you might have. The starting price for a single web application with less than 25 types of dynamic pages and 1 type of authentication is USD $4,950. 

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