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Flexshoppen – succeeded in launching their web app within two months, with Manao Software offering high-quality custom web app development services.



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web app development services for Flexshoppen

About Exato

Exato is a leading cloud and IT consulting company in Denmark, specializing in hybrid solutions, interaction between local servers and cloud-based systems and services, online security, cloud backup, Microsoft Office 365, Dropbox and IT infrastructure.

The Problem

Exato wanted to launch a new webshop by the name of Flexshoppen, within a timeframe of two months. The requirements could not be met by any off-the-shelf software because they were quite specialized: The webshop was meant for companies that offer their employees subsidized IT equipment. So, a custom solution was needed.
The webshop had to allow Exato to create agreements with companies and set up various business rules for them, such as:

  • Setting lease periods and lease factors
  • Offering different IT equipment and accessories for each agreement
  • Setting service fees or subsidizations such as logistic fees and employer subsidization
  • Setting insurances and product margins

The employees would go to Flexshoppen to select IT equipment such as mobile phones, notebooks and accessories, review the details including the monthly price and complete the transaction.

web app development services for flexshoppen

The Solution

To meet the strict deadline, Manao Software worked closely with Exato’s dedicated contact person. Manao Software’s development team coordinated with the Exato team in Denmark through emails and conference calls. The prompt response between Manao Software and Exato enabled the development team to quickly clarify questions and confirm requirements.
To overcome the challenge in creating a highly complex webshop, Manao Software analyzed Exato’s existing system and the requirements, created example data and documents to confirm their expectations, demonstrated the application, and delivered to a testing team. The development team also promptly changed the application according to the feedback from Exato. The key features included:

  • Multi-tenant cloud application
  • Product visibility depending on the setting of each agreement
  • Limiting the number of items per order differently for each agreement
  • Price calculations based on different service fees, taxes, insurances and margins
The solution of web app development services

“Regarding the collaboration so far, it has been a pleasure in every way. Your team has impressed us in everything they did. The main message I want to give you is that our companies will be doing a lot more together in the future. Again, many thanks for a fantastic and valuable collaboration so far.”

Jan Kristensen

Partner & CSO : Exato, Denmark.

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The Applied Technologies

The Results

Manao Software was able to deliver the complete product in less than two months.

“I told a large insurance company about you last night. They asked me whether I would come to tell about the experience in their development team. It has really been a success. This is the first development project I have been involved in and I admit I made a gamble by insisting to do it abroad.
We really got a fantastic treatment and sparring. The level of everything on your side was much better than expected. All agreements have been kept, there is 100% control of the project, technology, advice, and follow up. Others here in little Denmark could learn something from you. Even our CTO was impressed and has learned new things from you.”

– Jan Kristensen.

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