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Køges Kost Koncept

Køges Kost Koncept offers their customers unique personal training and dietary advice, as well as the new Kost Koncept mobile app.



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About Køges Kost Koncept​

Køges Kost Koncept is a fitness center that focuses on personal training and dietary advice. They do not offer memberships without personal training, common in regular gyms and fitness chains. Køges Kost Koncept is located in Herfølge, Denmark. They are a team of highly educated coaches, each with expertise in weight loss, rehabilitation and general health.

The Problem

Køges Kost Koncept’s former mobile app and web administration was subscription-based and hosted a great selection of features. Initially, it seemed like the right choice, but over time, the solution turned out to have fundamental flaws, which ultimately required third-party software.  The company behind the service implemented some of the missing functionalities, but it became a long and tedious process, and not all inquiries were answered. In addition, the app could only be displayed in English.

Their booking system was handled by another subscription-based platform, and integration with the other system was not possible due to incompatibility. This meant that both had to be maintained, causing increased salary expenses.

The Solution

Manao Software delivered a comprehensive and tailored solution consisting of a mobile app for members and a web administration with integrated member management, booking and calendar functions for administrators and coaches.

An important criteria for Køges Kost Koncept was to simplify functionality and workflows, and help coaches spend less time in front of the computer, and more time with their clients. With the new web administration, coaches could quickly build tailored diet and workout plans and publish them in the app for individual clients, as well as answer questions in real time with the chat feature.

Køges Kost Koncept wanted to keep its members engaged through push notifications, without spamming them. The solution was the implementation of a preference filter combined with notification types. Members could now opt out from receiving notifications on specific categories, but would still receive important information about rescheduling or cancellations etc.

The highlight of the whole development was the completion of the booking and calendar system. They reached an important milestone when member management and booking were interlinked, and members could book and change appointments directly with their coach. Bookings were now instantly confirmed and added to both the member’s and coach’s calendar, fully automated and without any manual checks required by staff. It was now possible to limit what services a member could book via a subscription management – a shortcoming in the old solution, as well as a cost on the bottom line.

“I found Manao Software online and was initially hesitant as their development team is based in Thailand, and you often hear about other people having bad experiences when outsourcing to foreign companies. This certainly turned out not to be the case, and since Manao Software is also a Danish company, the communication was, to my great joy, also in Danish which was completely unexpected. In the beginning the project was just supposed to be a small app where we should be able to easily communicate with our customers. Niall, who was my project coordinator, was efficient and able to anticipate the various pitfalls and issues that my ideas would create, and always presented alternative solutions, before starting the development itself, that made the functionality and user interface much better. I am a very demanding customer, but there is no doubt that Manao Software is passionate about their craft, and above all patient and professional. Our small project has become a great and comprehensive collaboration – who knows how far! I’m glad I chose them.”

Martin Hardiman

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The Applied Technologies

The Results

Manao Software developed and delivered Køges Kost Koncept mobile app, and it was received with enthusiasm by members, and owners Martin and Kathrin, who saw it as the beginning of a new era for their business.

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