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Continental Tyres

Continental Tyres helps people around the world to turn their idea of mobility into reality with their cutting-edge technologies, systems, and service solutions. Their goal is to make transportation safe, comfortable, customized, affordable, and sustainable.



ASP.NET core, Azure SQL, Angular

About Continental Tyres

Continental Tyres is a subsidiary of Continental Corporation. Continental Corporation was founded in Hanover, Germany, in 1871 (as of 2022, it is 151 years old). It ranks among the top 5 automotive suppliers worldwide. Continental Corporation helps people around the world to turn their idea of mobility into reality with their cutting-edge technologies, systems, and service solutions. Their goal is to make transportation safe, comfortable, customized, affordable, and sustainable. Continental Corporation has USD 37.7 billion annual sales (2020), presence in 58 countries with 561 sites, with 190,000 plus employees around the world. 
Continental Tires (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is a tire plant located in Rayong, Thailand. It manufactures Continental’s new passenger and light truck tires to be the Continental’s manufacturing hub of the Asia and Pacific region. 

The Problem

When Continental’s sales team received new orders, they had to check with different parties and departments about the materials, conditions of the machines, tools, etc. They also had to figure out whether it was possible to produce the tires with the customized orders. Analysis and assessments were completed using multiple spreadsheets, which were time-consuming, prone to errors and did not produce accurate results. There was no application or platform that allowed the sales and production team to check-in in real-time.

The Solution

Continental Tires wanted to create a platform, Product Capability web app, that allows all parties (the sales team, the engineering team, and the production team) to enter the required data, that is associated with each party, and access accurate entries. This enables the Continental Tires team to create an on-demand order in the web app, that calculates the results and determine whether the customized order can be produced or not.

Manao Software collaborated with the Continental Tires team to understand their pain points, and define the scope of work, the product inception, and the product requirements.
Some of the highlighted features of the web app are:

  • Capability Entity: This feature allows the users to customize the capability data, including machines, tools, and parameters. It allows the users to dynamically create the machines, tools, parameters, product capabilities and static image layouts.
  • Feasibility Entity: This feature allows the users (System Administrator, Engineer, Approver) to view the order list. The users can create, update, save draft, calculate, and publish the order. The user can request the web app to calculate the orders’ feasibility, and further calculate and show the results.

Manao Software used the following technologies, tools, and services:

  • Used Azure ASP.NET Core 3.1 for the backend and Angular 9 for the frontend
  • Used Entity Framework Core 3.1 for managing the database
  • Used Azure SQL Server for storing the web app data
  • Integrated the web app with Continental Tyres’ Active Directory for the authentication
  • Used Visual Studio 2019 for the remote deployment via Microsoft Teams.

All services are hosted and operated on Continental Tires’ internal infrastructure (on premise).

“Manao Software is truly a great collaborator and enabler who focuses on assisting Continental Tyres’ team to solve problems. They understand our pain points, and they always come up with the best possible solutions and approaches to different scenarios and created an amazing web app that helped us achieve our business goals. They pay attention to quality and security and make sure the work they deliver is of the highest quality. We regard Manao Software as one of our top software development partners and will surely work with them again on other projects in the future.”

Jaturong Jitrabob

IT Technical Lead Manufacturing System (MES) : Continental Tires (Thailand)

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The Applied Technologies

The Results

Manao Software developed and delivered the Product Capability web app, ready to use. It was successfully launched on June 14, 2021. The web app provides the feasibility results and the manufacturing capability information to the Continental Tires team. It helps Continental Tires to ensure sale opportunities, enhancing productivity, and producing customized and high-quality tires that suit the customer. 

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